Morning Sickness

Morning sickness normally starts around about Week 6 on pregnancy and can carry on until Week 15 however this can vary throughout the pregnancy period. The cause of morning sickness is the body´s change in hormones and the body´s response to the pregnancy hormone which is very high in the[…]

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Preventing Stretch Marks during Pregnancy

Although it isn’t possible to prevent stretch marks all together, these are my top tips to minimise their occurrence. Ensure weight gain during pregnancy isn’t excessive – you can expect to put on 1-2 kg during the first 3 months, and ½ kg a week for the remainder of pregnancy.[…]

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Healthy Food Choices During Pregnancy

Protein – protein is needed to build tissues, so is essential to healthy foetal growth. Good sources include meat, fish, dairy and some vegetable sources including beans and lentils Starchy carbohydrates – carbohydrate is essential for energy, but too much refined carbohydrate such as sugary snacks and white bread can[…]

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The BEST Exercising to do during Pregnancy

Top 5 Exercises for Pregnancy Squats – a compound, functional exercise to help you stay strong throughout pregnancy. Pelvic Floor Exercises – an absolute must. The stronger and more toned your pelvic floor is, the less chance there is of problems such as stress incontinence or prolapse. Also recovery after[…]

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Plant Based Superfoods

Super foods are crammed with nutrients. Eating a wide variety of foods from both plant and animal sources is always the best way to eat. Include a wide variety of foods in your diet as standard! Eating locally and seasonally is an excellent way to do this and this is a[…]

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Get High on Your Endorphins

  Ever wondered why you feel so good after a hard gym session or why you get that exhilarating rush whilst on a rollercoaster? The answer is endorphins and they have all manner of effects on the body. Endorphins are chemicals that are produced in the Pituitary Gland when exercising, excitement or[…]

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