Plant Based Superfoods

Plant Based Superfoods

Super foods are crammed with nutrients. Eating a wide variety of foods from both plant and animal sources is always the best way to eat.

Include a wide variety of foods in your diet as standard! Eating locally and seasonally is an excellent way to do this and this is a natural way to ensure that we are eating different foods and different nutrients through out the year. Look for foods that are grown “organically” near you from small/ local suppliers instead of the big supermarket chains – not only does this support local businesses, the food will have done less mileage, will be fresher and likely contain more of the nutrients that you need as it’s from the area that you live.
Below are a list of the top 7 Super Foods that you should try and incorporate into your diet on a regular basis this summer!

  1. Asparagus –makes your wee smell, this super food contains a really good level of vitamin K and quite a bit of iron!veggies-371x247
  2. Artichokes – not my favourite vegetable and it looks a bit funky but it’s got lots of fibre in it! One serving can give you about 9g which is quite a lot for just one food stuff.
  3. Spinach – packed full of nutrients including iron, vitamin C & E and other antioxidants. Like most other green leafy vegetables it has hardly any calories and lots of benefits.
  4. Fennel – an interesting vegetable with a slightly strange aniseed or liquorice taste, I’ve always found this odd as you never expect that kind of taste from a vegetable. Fennel contains lots of potassium, so great for the heart and keeping that blood pressure under control.
  5. Leeks – an awesome addition to the cheese sauce and broccoli and as an accompaniment to a roast. Leeks are a great source of nutrients including sulphur based compounds that have shown promise in fighting cancer cells.
  6. Strawberries –Lots of Vitamin C, low calories and not much fructose! Always reminds me of Wimbledon! And always nice to have in a glass of champagne! Oops
  7. Broccoli – Love it or Hate it! –Low in calories, high in micronutrients such as vitamin A, C, folates and minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc and others. Steam it, boil it, roast it or have it raw! -It’s all good!

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