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Motivation was what I lacked and Kamila was just what I needed after a few years away from exercise. I had put on too may kg´s and although I promised myself to do something about it, nothing seemed to get done. I read about Kamila in a magazine article about Marbella´s best personal trainers, so I gave her a call.

Kamila is very warm & friendly and we instantly clicked. She recommended a local gym to me and after a few weeks I called her back again to ask for personal training and a diet plan. Im so pleased that I did because Im still exercising and I look & feel so much better than before. My confidence is back and so is my old personality. Bring on the summer!

Kerry P

Kerry Peterson

“I pushed myself above limits, I thought I was never capable of”

Every second, mintue, hour, day was worth it! I found myself exceeding my limits, completing exercise that I was never capable of completing. Training with Kamila taught me different things about my body itself. Kamila is always an encouraging and joyful person. No matter how much time you spend with her, you will find yourself enjoying different challenging exercises. Kamila is an amazing personal trainer! If you have the time, and you love working out, then you have found the key to help you workout even more and in a structured way. Every second,minute, hour, day was worth it!

Kamelia A

Well worth it

I train with Kamila on a regular basis and she has helped me lose quiet a lot of weight and firm up. She has helped me loose almost two stone in weight and cut through various exercises and types of training and I feel really great for it. I still enjoy my food, but now I enjoy looking good better. Worth every penny I spent!

Anna P

Im a convert

Kamila is such an enjoyable person to be around. A few months ago I purchased a package of personal training sessions with Kamila and it’s the best thing I could have done. I could not have get these results on my own. I’ve really surprised myself at how much I’ve achieved and how much stronger and fitter I am. I’m not good at sticking to my diet but I’ve still lost inches and feel so much firmer and healthier. Initially I was planning on only doing a couple of months training but I’m definitely going to keep going now. I am usually a bit of a cynic with this stuff, but honestly, if you want to get fit, get in shape or just get stronger and healthier I couldn’t recommend Kamila more.

Zoe G

3 hours a week of pain… but worth every minute!

Working out with my Kamila, is a wonderful experience! The fitness programs she creates are always interesting, challenging and fun. Her encouragement is genuine and she really does make me feel that I can accomplish just about any fitness goal. I recommend her highly!

Andrew C

Thank you Kamila

I’ve been a personal training client with Kamila for 3 months now. In that time, she’s helped me improve my strength & flexibility, and increased my stamina. Every Personal Training session is upbeat and positive. She customises her fitness program to meet my needs and gives a variety workouts. Absolutely a great trainer, super happy I found her!

Ameera A

I made the right choice choosing Kamila!

“Kamila took the time to listen to what I want, and prepared and assisted me with workouts that got me there. Im a big guy, but didn’t want to look like a some nightclub doorman, so her Personal Fitness Training was made to fit my needs. She customised it for me and I’ve now lost 4 inches on my waist and 5% body fat. Professionalism, fun and reliability make Kami a perfect choice for me!

Deljko J

Highly recommended

Kamila is one of the best personal trainers I have worked with. I took 4 months of personal training with her and she helped me to get a jump start in my weight and fat loss goal. I lost 11 pounds in the last two months of Personal Training with Kami. She always motivates me by making sure I am on track with personal training sessions. She also gave me excellent nutritional advice and I am very glad I found her. Overall Kamila is an excellent personal trainer who I’d be happy to recommend to anyone.

Jidina A

A great PT!

Working out with Kamila, is a tough but rewarding experience! The fitness programs she creates are always interesting and challenging. Her encouragement is genuine and she really does make me feel that I can accomplish just about any fitness goal. She also gives me a right rollicking if I miss a training session, which is good as it stops me from getting lazy. I recommend her highly!

April F

Kamila doesn’t disapoint

I wanted to build some upper body muscle as well as lose some fat around my tummy. What I like most about Kamila’s sessions is she keeps pushing me for the full 60 minutes. I also liked that Kamila is dead easy to get along with. I now feel more energetic and stronger and I am confident to say that personal Training with Kamila would make a positive difference for anyone.

Antonio R

Kamila is the best!!!

If you are looking to invest in your good health, look no further than Kami. I’ve never exercised harder but she makes each workout fun & unique. Not only is she a great trainer, she´s an even better person.

Orla H


I met Kamila few months ago in a gym in Marbella and started intense training with her soon after. She put me through my paces with a mixture of circuit training and weights. I had never trained so hard and I was buzzing after the sessions.

I needed to work on suppleness and stamina, as in my current job I have to climb tall structures, and the results obtained after working with Kamila have been top notch. She provides a complete package, including diet and a full training programme.

If you want to stop messing about in the gym, staying inside your comfort zone, then Kamila is the trainer you need. She’ll shake you up, I’ll guarantee it!

Ed A


Energetic trainer. I have thorough sessions with Kamila and she kills me just about each time I train with her but I love it. And I am in love with the results!

Cassandra P


A friend recommended me to try Kamila as I had just less than one month to lose weight for my Big Day. I had been training on my own but I needed that extra help so I decided to book Kamila for 12 sessions.

The result was impressive as I lost inches, felt great, and even my arms were firm and had shape for the first time in my life! Kamila worked me hard to the bone in the sessions but it was well worth it. I now do sessions with her every week.

Sylvia G


My friend and I trained with Kamila for 2 weeks (8 sessions in total) whilst we were on our holiday in Marbella. We trained on the beach which was a great experience. We enjoyed every minute of it although it was tough.


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