Quick and Easy Quinoa Salad

Ingredients: 1 cup Quinoa Red & Yellow Pepper Chickpeas Parsely Avocado Can of Tuna (optional)   Boil Quinoa (rinsed) and leave it to simmer. Reduce the heat and fluff it to make sure it is ready. Stir in: half a chopped red and yellow pepper, half a cup rinsed and[…]

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7 Common Signs of Overtraining

Some of us are not only training more, but harder than ever. Extreme modes of exercise such as HIIT and Crossfit are gaining in popularity with some people training 5, 6, 7 days a week. But how much is too much? Although there is no magical formula to determine when[…]

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Chicken, Goats Cheese & Pumpkin Salad

This salad is awesome! Not to mention, it tastes amazing roasted and sprinkled with some Chilli Flakes. I’ve added spicy  chicken, a few handfuls of greens and goats cheese to make it into a delicious and nutritious meal. For the Veggie-lovers, you can use Chickpeas or Lentils instead of chicken!  […]

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Tips for Training

Rest time in between sets should vary between 60 to 120 seconds. There are cases where you should wait longer in between sets, but for most this is the “ideal” rest period for muscle growth. Change your workouts every 7 to 10 weeks. Your body can grow accustomed to training[…]

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HIIT is the Best Cardio to Burn Fat!

Exercise physiologists used to believe that “steady state” cardio was superior for fat loss because relatively more fat is used by the body as fuel at lower exercise intensities than at higher intensities. The Fat Burning Zone  shown on most cardio equipment as only 60%-65% of max heart rate is really[…]

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