THE Ins and Outs of LOW CARB DIETS

  1. Carbs increase water retention. The lower the carbs the slimmer you will be. However, this is only good in the short term.

    Low carb diets are not sustainable and the first time you are in a situation where carbs are unavoidable you will bloat like a balloon.

    2. Your body becomes reliant on fat and becomes more efficient at using it as a fuel. In turn this will speed up the process of breakdown your stored fat, resulting in weight loss.
    carb free

    3. Sugar is a carb! Surprise! Refined carbs are hidden in so many foods making it really hard to avoid them. The best thing to do is try and stick to natural and unprocessed foods.

    4. The body loves to burn carbs for energy. It’s the only fuel that can be burnt with and without the presence of oxygen. If you take that fuel source away you will need to replace it with a higher fat intake.

    As it takes time for the body to adapt to this you will experience side effects including – irritability, tiredness, muscle cramps and headaches.

    5. Always go for low carbs rather than no carbs. Mostly for food variety. The more variety you have, the higher your diet adherence rate.

    Also the vegetables are classified as non-starch polysaccharides better known as fibre and a source or carb. Fibre is vital for maintaining the function of our digestive system which in turn supports overall health.

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