Simply the best

5th November 2016

I met Kamila few months ago in a gym in Marbella and started intense training with her soon after. She put me through my paces with a mixture of circuit training and weights. I had never trained so hard and I was buzzing after the sessions.

I needed to work on suplleness and stamina, as in my current job I have to climb tall structures, and the results obtained after working with Kamila have been top notch. She provides a complete package, including diet and a full training programme.

If you want to stop messing about in the gym, staying inside your comfort zone, then Kamila is the trainer you need. She’ll shake you up, I’ll guarantee it!

Richard Armstrong

Great Trainer

16th August 2016

Energetic trainer. I have thorough sessions with Kamila  and she kills me just about each time I train with her but I love it. And I am in love with the results!

My Wedding Preparations

1st August 2016

“My friend recommended me to try Kamila as I had just less than one month to lose weight for my very Big Day. I had been training on my own but I needed that extra help, push so I decided to book Kamila for 12 sessions.

The result was impressive as I lost inches, felt great, and even my arms were firm and had shape for the first time in my life! Kamila worked me hard to the bone in the sessions but it was well worth it.

Short & Sweet

24th July 2016

My friend and I trained with Kamila for 2 weeks (4 sessions in total) whilst we were on our holiday in Marbella. We trained on the beach which was a great experience. We enjoyed every minute of it although it was tough.

No Slacking with this Trainer

29th June 2016

From my very first session with Kamila, I felt as if I had known her for years. Kamila has this very warm, caring feature about her that I was drawn to her instantly (if that makes sense). I felt very comfortable and at ease in her company. I live between Manchester and Marbella and so I see her regularly when in Marbella. I have had many Personal Trainers, tried many different things but they all lacked a certain something which I have found in Kamila.

Gym was not for me until….

18th June 2016

Before I started training with Kamila, I used to dread working out as I found it boring and monotonous. But training has now become so enjoyable and energising for me. I never feel bored and I am surprised at how fast the hour flies by. I feel amazing by the end of every session and happy with my results.