Kamila Pardamcova

Hi, my name is Kamila.

I am highly passionate, love fitness and pushing my boundaries. I live and breathe nothing but fitness!

I truly believe that feeling fit and healthy brings happiness to your life and my aim is to do just that to my clients! I want them too to fall in love with this feeling.
I am an enthusiast fitness professional and former Black Belt in Taekwondo with a background in Alternative Medicine (Naturopathy & Homeopathy).

I have been into fitness for many years but saying that as a child/ teenager I hated sport. I was that child that was always extremely sick and poorly. I was never short of doctors’ notes to excuse me from taking part in exercising and was always found sitting on the bench during sports days.

After leaving high school I decided to start trying to get better and taking care of myself. I decided to join a local gym with my friend and soon after I was hooked. I dabbled with Bodybuilding and then moved onto Tae-kwon-do where I found my beast and discovered my strengths. I participated in several tournaments and fought for my former country.

I came to realize that I am deeply interested in movement. This drove me towards a different approach and a belief that fitness should be fun and more importantly, fitness should be forever.

I then moved to UK and I decided to use my energy and enthusiasm in the health and fitness industry where by I decided to become a Body Pump instructor.

Shortly after this I became extremely ill and was not able to train for several years so I sadly turned away from the Health & Fitness Industry and moved into Alternative Medicine as a last resort to help cure myself and to see what was happening to my body. After several years I became a qualified Homeopath and Naturopath.

But for sure the bug got a hold of me again years later when I started playing tennis and swimming.  I started building up my strength and stamina and this helped me not only with my asthma but with my confidence. I started training again and I truly found my soul in the gym. I realised that I was born to do this!

I did my Personal Training Diploma in UK and have now re-located to Marbella which I call home. I love what I do and it is no longer a career for me but rather a lifestyle!

I love the energy that being active gives me and I so enjoy sharing all the knowledge I have with my clients.

I hope I can help you build an appetite and desire for a happy and healthy lifestyle.